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The goal of the Greening Retail program is to help retailers reduce their environmental impact and at the same time, save money and improve the bottom line
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Greening Retail undertakes research, develops resources and programs, and facilitates demonstration projects to help retailers implement environmental best practices. Greening Retail works in partnership with sector leaders, government agencies and other organizations to provide retailers with the strategies and tools they need in order to take action.

To help retailers find and adopt environmental best practices,
we are doing six things:

  • Documenting Best Practices of Leading Retailers: interviewing leading retailers around the world to discover how they are successfully carrying out good environmental practices.
  • Providing On-Line Resources: making information, tools and links available to retailers on-line.
  • Courses and Seminars: partnering with universities to incorporate the wealth of information obtained through our program into existing and new courses.
  • Guidelines, Standards and Certification: working in partnership to assess the need for and feasibility of developing Greening Retail guidelines, standards and a system for certification.
  • Communications, Partnerships and Publications: working with sector associations, universities and governments to publish and broadly disseminate program findings.
  • Demonstration Projects: working with leading retailers to demonstrate environmental best practices, measure results and develop benchmarks.


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June 8, 2011

So-Called Compostable Utensils Diverted to Landfill

CBS San Francisco reports here that so called compostable utensils are often filtered out from other compost materials and are instead being diverted to landfill. Furthermore, it is noted that commercial composters would rather not have to deal with them in the first place.

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Download the Greening Retail Brochure here. - 848K pdf


Best Environmental Practices of Leading Retailers Around the World

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